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L8 sending out midi notes when using sissors & Key Comms

Eric Wikman

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Why is it whenever I use the snip, Logic seems to trigger some odd midi notes.

Like sometimes when I snip, I hear some un-related midi track make a noise, blip.. or hiccup. Even when working w/ playback stopped.


I also get this when I use my KC for "rewinding" (1 bar increments).

I get EZdrummer blurting out some drum shots... as I hit the KC


Now, I've set up some KC zoom recalls 2 days ago, (Opt+Cntrl+Z) zoom recall 1.

Now this zoom recall is happening after so many Keycoms.. like every "delete adio command" ...when tracking!!!

The zoom recalls also, and I have to re-zoom to the right setting.

Driving me crazy.


I've looked for conflicting KCs, but have not been lucky tracking it down.

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Set up a monitor in the environment and see what, if any, Midi signals are being passed.


This may or may not be related, but as of today my computer was changing settings on my GNX4 foot pedal and this frightened me. I tried shutting off anything related to midi on both units. I still need to send the audio from the computer to the GNX4 via USB.


Nothing helped till I read a few of your recent posts. I when to key commands and found nothing there to cause the problem. I then opened the controller set up window and there was a controller in there that I don't own, but put there to experiment with some settings.


I deleted it and my problem was solved.

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