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Very Interesting MIDI Controller: Axis-64


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Very innovative.......not good for those with fat hands though.


I know, your thinking "fat hands"? Not a common affliction amongst musicians, but, in the town where i was born..........yesh, definitely a case of the old fat hand syndrome going around there.....amongst other oddities :)


Anyhoo, I digress.


At first it looks pretty complicated, but this video convinces me it could make complicated musical pieces, such as solo freak outs and the like, a lot easier to play for those of use with little to no schooling.


I'll be checking it out soon!

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yeah ... that is very cool. I can dig it.


Not to mention: we all know that Jordan Rudess can make a fart sound awesome!




HAHAHAHA! but true!


$1700?! that hurts.. .that hurts big time!


*crosses fingers for axis express *


i just started learning the piano a few months ago, and changing keys sucks... everything i write is in the key of C. this just makes so much since to us guitar folk.

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I've been playing piano since I was 5. Just started learning gtr/bass (yes..my fingers HURT). I'm starting to get the 'shapes' thing on guitar, but I miss the 'linear-ity' of the keyboard.


I think you'll find that getting you keyboard chops up will help your gtr work as welll.

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Yup, it's a steep price. But things like this, and the Haken Continuum Fingerboard, (oh yes, there's definitely one of those in my future) really represent a very cool departure from the norm and keyboard instruments as we know them. So I think it's an important product, in musicological terms.


Here's a cool clip of good'ol Jordy playin the Haken, btw:



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its a fretless piano!

You're too much Leah! Perfect.



This Haken gadget is pretty wild. It detects the location, pressure and velocity of your fingertips. I think there's an "initial velocity" parameter too. Anyway, for each finger it transmits note on and several controllers at once including pitchbend. Each finger to its own MIDI channel. Put down all ten fingers and drag them left/right, up/down, then all ten "like" timbres on a synth can respond to each finger independently.


The benefit to hooking up to a Kyma system is that it connects to Kyma hardware directly via firewire. So MIDI hardware bandwidth is less of an issue, and of course unlimited sound creation to boot.


It's not cheap either though. About 6k US all said and done, just for the controller. Add another 15k to that for a well equipped Kyma system and it's not for the faint-hearted.


But hey, that's nothing compared to what Dave Gross is gonna spend on that Steinway Rhapsody (in blue)!

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what does moving on the y-axis do? wait... y is up and down, right? well whatever up and down does. i saw him doing that, and couldn't quite figure out what it was doing


did anyone else think that he should have put the other keyboard on the same side, so he didn't have to stretch across like that? or does it just look cooler that way?

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