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mixing in LP8... missing processing power !!


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I have to mix an entire album in my MBP 2,16, 2gig ram, 7200rpm lacie drive... every 30sec I get audiocore overload. I hear it's a bug... but I doubt my machine is strong enough. Can I link my laptop with a G5 in node mode ? so I get an extra power for my plugins and those 60 tracks ?

Can we link an intel machine with a G5 ?

Or You will say get a real machine for real production ???

thanks a lot !!


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I do all of my mixing on a 2.4 MBP with 4GB RAM. One thing that seems to help is to 'strip silence' on as many of the audio tracks as possible. Theory behind it being that if there's no audio on a track, then Logic will not be using resources.


Someone please chime in if I'm wrong about this.


I do this with the actual function, or manually, just take out large sections of unused audio.

I do this all the time, and just finished an entire album for a hip hop vocalist who's songs averaged about 70 tracks (half of which were stereo tracks) per song. In addition I used an average of about 10-15 auxes for either groups or effects per song.

I did all this on my MBP, with MOTU audio interface, and firewire/sata drive chained to the firewire 400 port.


Hope this helps.

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