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Logic can't find Mbox interface

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Hi! I'm brand new to Logic and using an original Mbox as an interface with an Intel iMac and Tiger. I searched the forum for an answer to my problem but nothing has worked thus far.


My problem is I can't figure out how to get my system to recognize my Mbox. In Prefs > Audio > Core Audio > Devices, all that's showing up is "Built-in Microphone" and "Built-in Line Input" (both parts of my iMac, right?) Logic is running smoothly, and I can record through the built-in iMac mic, but just can't find that Mbox. It's plugged directly into the computer via USB, and not through any hubs or into the keyboard.


What am I not doing, or what am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance!!

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From http://www.sweetwater.com/feature/garageband/ :


To make Digi hardware available to GarageBand, do the following:



1. Start the Digidesign CoreAudio Setup application

2. Click the Supported Applications button in the resulting Digidesign CoreAudio Setup window

3. Click the [Add New Application] button in the window that appears

4. Navigate to the [GarageBand] application, and click Choose.

5. Your Digi hardware will now be available from the [Audio/MIDI] tab within GarageBand's Preferences window!


I did this for a friend who uses garageband, but I'm sure it's the right process for Logic too, just replace Garageband with Logic. There's also a similar article here:




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Thank you so much for the response! I really appreciate it!


It turns out it's not exactly the same on my setup as it is on your friends, but you certainly steered me in the right direction.


I did originally go to my PTLE7 start-up disc for OS X and installed the Core Audio Manager without installing PT or anything else offered on the disk. Once installed, I opened it and went to setup, and also prefs, but it didn't offer me anything to do with supported applications or new applications.


I went to the Digi website and searched and finally found a standalone core audio driver for using their hardware in other applications. Here's the download link for OS X Tiger:




They have other versions of the driver for other operating systems.


I started everything back up and sure enough the Mbox is now available in the Prefs > Audio > Core Audio > Devices option list.


Thanks, again, Brent for your time and insight!!


I'm already way digging Logic!!



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Yeah, thanks Jeff this came in useful to me as well - new to Macs and Logic and your solution worked perfectly.


And Brent, Logic is a blast, just had it one day and loving it! came from PC/Sonar.




Tony Mead

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I would highly recommend not using the original mbox for any recording. The reason being it operates at minimum latency (512) that is too long for certain applications like guitar. I basically use the thing as a dongle when I'm editing in Pro Tools. If you can afford it, get a firewire interface. I can record into Logic with my Apogee Duet at 128, which is great for any kind of recording.
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