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Hammond B3?

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I do like the EVB...but for some types of organs tones, I think the Native Instruments B4 is better...


The EVB is VERY tweakable, so I'd start with one of the Big Rock sounds, and tailor it to get that Greg Allman sound. I love that guy. There was a tune his 2nd solo album (I think) called "It Ain't No Use', that's one of my all time favs.

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DK got any links to some Greg Allman tunes... sad to say I haven't heard of him.


I have a Roland VR-760 which is pretty awesome, though I could recommend a few additions.


But it is like a hybrid between it's RD-X stage Piano Series... yep, I got some of those piano sounds too, and their VK Virtual Organ series.


It's 76 keys and is semi weighted, with a slick organ "waterfall" action. Also kind of feels similar to a Rhodes Action, without the rubbery mallet effect. But because it's not weighted like a piano, it makes it alot lighter, and offers the potential to pull off those wicked organ glissandos, which you can't do on a piano without ripping shreds out of your fingers!!... So it's much more flexible.


It's a pretty awesome emulation, complete with a vintage look, leslie emulations, chorus/vibrato, a choice of 4 amps complete with overdrive. It also has the proper drawbars.


Since it requires no DSP it's the first place I go to for a Organ/Piano/EP sound... even if I do supplement it with some Logic plugins later on.


Or I will go through some Logic presets, find something I like, remove the instrument and stick in my keyboard as an External Instrument with a similar sound selected.


It's not a perfect keyboard, but it is pretty useful and pretty awesome.

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LOL... Checked out the Homepage on that link...


That guy is whack!!


THe article that mentions Galileo Galilee fails to introduce any evidence itself. And does the same generalisation that it it accuses science of!!


It's hypocritical!!....LMAO :lol: :lol:



Email him, he has a blog dedicated to responding to criticism. Very funny stuff :P


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Email him, he has a blog dedicated to responding to criticism. Very funny stuff :P


OH.... I'll be much too scared to :shock: .....LOL


I think I can make a better use of my time than spend hours of pointless debate, that will neither get me anywhere, pay the bills or finalise these pressing Logic projects I need to finish!!


Ahhh the Nord Electro, the keyboard I could I have had if I had an extra grand to spend at the time!!


Awesome keyboard, and I love the fact the Nord offers the ability to download new patches and samples... All I can do is drop in a couple of SRX cards, but I do think the VR-760 is almost as good as the Nord.


Still I do prefer the vintage VR-760 look over the synth RED look of the Nord.


.... That's what I tell myself anyway....LOL


I don't mind Logic's EVB3 at all, I think it's quite awesome in it's own right. Couple it up with GuitarAmp Pro and it can offer you more flexibility in tone.


I've never really checked out Native Instruments B4, but NI's stuff does tend to accumulate a huge following....


I remember a few years ago when they just released Reaktor 1 as their first product and they were a virtual unknown. I remember taking a look at Reaktor and thinking these guys were brilliant and could be on to something. It was in the early days of DSP processing for sound. Nothing had enough horsepower those days!!




The distinct advantage of EVB3 is that it won't cost you a thing!!.... Assuming you have Logic. Add to it Logic's other sound shaping capabilities and it's a bargain you just can't beat!!

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