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How do you combine elements from different LP8 projects?


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What is the best way to combine tracks from different LP8 projects (into 1 master project) ? I'd like to include audio files, automation data, plugins and edit points. Anyone have ideas?





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I've never done this and am kind of just thinking out loud here but you can try this. Plug ins are easy. Just save the channel strips and then reload them as needed. For the audio files/automation and edits try this. First in your project that has your files and automation copy all the track automation data to the regions. then open your new project while keeping the old one open. The simply copy and paste and then enable the automation in your new project. I've never tried this and am not at my computer but it should start to get you where you need to go. I'm sure there might be a better way to do this but I'm just kind of improvising right now. :lol:


BTW.. not sure if you know this but to copy the data to the tracks use the move all track automation data to region command. And to get the track automation back on the automation lane and off the track so you can make adjustments later if you want just select the regions and use the Move Current Region Data to Track Automation command. Both of these are found under OPTIONS/TRACK AUTOMATION.


Hope this helps


Have a good one. :D

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Thanks for the pointers ChicoSatis,


I'd forgotten about the automation to Region functions and visa versa...They will be useful.


There must be a better way to import, though. Here's the context:


A Hip Hop band has given me 2 LP8 projects, the backing track (and guide Vx) in one project and lead vocals / doubles etc.. (on 50 odd tracks!) in the other. Both projects have been mixed (full of plug ins, automation and Aux returns etc).


I'd like to keep their work as is and mix the project as one project...


That's why I'm looking for a "clean" way to import data where there is as little room for error as possible. I guess I'm looking for the LP equivalent of PT's Import Session data.


Hmmmm head scratcher, this one!

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