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clicking bass


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I'm using a particular fat sounding bass sound from a thirdparty plugin, but when playing staccato-ish notes, there's a loud click noise upon hitting the notes. The plugin has got quite a few parameters you can alter and I was wondering if you knew what would help reduce or, ideally, remove this 'clicking' sound.


I've been playing around with the plugin's parameters for a while now but to no avail..!


Thanks for your help,



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I've had this problem alot, particularly with ES2. It's always bass sounds.


Depending on what the plugin is (I've experienced this in MASSIVE, some of reason's synths) my suggestion is to try to remove and sub oscillator/s from your sound and see what happens. Failing that, turn of all the extra parameters (filters, fx's), and try to isolate the click sound.


A slower attack will help, but quite often you still get a click sound, and you consequently loose all the energy from the tones. I've found that just a slightly slower attack will help.


My experiences has been that quite often the click will come from the oscillators, and is then amplified/boosted by filters or something else.


Is seems to occur more from sine waves than form other waveforms.


Good luck.

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Another point.


If you have the release of a note overlapping with the beginning of a note this can cause clicking when the new note is triggered.


This is true for several Logic plugins. Can't say for third parties.


Just had this problem and thought i'd bump it in there. (edit:) For me this required adjusting the release of the amp envelope and carefully adjusting the length of the midi notes.

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One other thing I have noticed is that clicking can occur depending on how you are playing and in what mode the ES2 is in..for example:


I would get clicking if I had a bass that was emphasizing the attack in Legato mode with no glide when I was playing with notes overlapping. When I resized the notes in the Matrix editor so that they were not overlapping the clicking was attenuated. Also, when I changed from legato to poly the clicking was attenuated; however the tone of the bass changed a little.

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OK, firstly, thanks so much for your help guys and I really sorry I havn't answered earlier, I just havn't had the time to really look into and play around with this problem until today.


The 'attack reduction' solution worked really well! Although I did try quite a few different things on the plugin last week, I must have missed that one haha!


I'm quite curious to know how you guys learned about these really technical aspects, are there good books you have used that explain sound synthesis and how to get exactly what you need (like modifying this bass sound to remove the click) or have you just learned this from experience and messing around-kinda like what im doing now lol?


Thanks again for your help!

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