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I did a quick search and haven't really come up with enough info to give me the comfort level that I know what I'm doing. Timing is so important... so I need to understand this.


I saw this comment in a thread in the lounge:

Round trip latency through my digital mixer is 28 samples, so I'm pretty happy with that.


How do I test that? I've been doing some initial testing on my new set up and either my bass playing timing varies a lot or I'm unwittingly altering the latency on each new project. The problems seem to appear when using a drum loop and recording the baseline over it to get the groove laid down (planning to replace with real drums later - cos if I don't my drummer will be after my blood :D )



All 1 week old (still have the boxes lying around :D )

MacBookPro, 4Gb ram, OS X 10.5.2

recording directly onto e-SATA 500GB drive where the whole project files are being stored

MOTU Pre8 firewire (no other firewire devices connected)

Logis Studio 8


Thanks in advance for any help.

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