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exs24 instrument editor help

donnie darko

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hi, i want to load a couple of samples in the instrument editor, a kick and a snare, but don't want to assign a sample to a section of the keyboard, i want to ave the freedom of using all the notes on the keyboard per sample. i know i can set a soft velocity for one sample, and a hard for the other, but i don't want to do it like this either. is there another way of doing this?? but without having to load a new exs24 sampler for each sample. my brother said on his sampler he can change the midi output for each sample, but i don't know how to do this. any ideas??


thanks alot for any help!



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What fader8 said! But this time with feeling! :lol:


• Map your samples across the keyboard as you'd like, one per zone.

• Create a corresponding group for each zone. Name the groups (soft snare, loud snare, etc.)

• Assign each zone to the appropriate group (zone playing the soft snare gets assigned to the "soft snare" group, etc.)

• In each group, "Select By" should be set to "MIDI Channel"

• Important: make sure the audio instrument itself is set to MIDI Channel = ALL (done in the Inspector)


• Optionally you could even set each of those groups to its own output (only applicable if your EXS type is "multi")


When you're done, make sure you save the actual EXS instrument (done from the EXS instrument editor menu, not the "front panel" of EXS).

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