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Eq settings (changes within a track)


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Hi there everyone and here goes with my first post question.

I am mixing a reggae track and want to drop out frequencies within a track as it is playing, or lower volume for a few secs etc.

Is there a way i can highlight a region on one layer and alter the eq but not do it for the whole tracks play time.


Hope i am making sense :roll:


Many thanks all.



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It's as easy as you could want it to be- glad to hear you're doing it. I love dub sounds, they've been a big source of inspiration with me.


What I think you want to do is to just put an EQ on the track you want to "take the frequencies out of"- what you'll be doing is to automate the effect on the track. It's as easy as you could want. You have two defaults for every audio track you are working with in Logic when you hit the "automation" button, which allows for, you guessed it, automation. Hitting that will turn on automation for all the tracks I believe, I'm sure you can enable it for some and not others but I really don't know how. The two defaults are "volume" and "panning". "Volume" is how you can make a track get louder or quieter or fade out altogether the way you want.


And for any effect you put on a track, such as EQ, can be automated to a degree as well. A pretty big degree I think, although I'm still new to Logic and not all that caught up with all that it does- here's a picture. You'll notice I have a step pattern on the EQ here, which is not what I want, but I was not certain how to make it do otherwise in order to tell you how to do it before I had to get to class.


So you can probably get what you are looking for out of this. You can also add dub snare echo on only the beats you want in this manner as well, and so on... you'll figure it out. Good luck- hope this was helpful. I see you are in Jamaica- I've got to get there someday. I bet it didn't snow all day there yesterday like it did in Saint Louis Missouri...


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