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Akai s2000 floppy - that old nutshell again!

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Hey guys & gals.


I bet this has been posted before, but il ask anyway..


Got one of them prehistoric samplers in the form of an akai s2000 sat here, which has no floppy disk.


now, Any attempts to make on eby myself result in a duff disk which does not work, iv tried every method out there, but nothing.


Can anyone with one of these machines, or indeed a Windows 98 machine, make me one?? i can pay you whatever it takes no problem, i just really want it working again!


The floppy can only be made in a win 98 machine, NOT xp, iv tried, and trust me, it doesnt work, iv also tried all the 3rd party probs that can make them for you, but even they need a Win98 machine.


Please PM me if you can help, it would be greatly appritiated!



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