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Recording Guitar Into Logic Pro 8


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Here's my problem.


In Ableton Live I can record some guitar and loop it and it works. The guitar parts play back with really no crackle's.


With Logic Pro 8 I record my guitar against a loop and when the guitar plays back I always hear the crackle. I know the crackle comes from volume changes in the start and end of the track so I end up having to constantly do volume fade in's (at the beginning) and fade out's (and the end), but then the guitar loop starts to loose its feel.


I wish there was a good tutorial on how to record better guitar into Logic Pro 8, which covered a way around this.


I've even bought David's book to see if there was stuff like that in there.


Many people I've talked with use Pro Tools for audio recording and just use Logic for Synth's and Electronic stuff.


Is Logic no good for recording my guitar loops?

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you only fade for one sample, you click a region, and top left in the inspector you can set fade in/out or xfade with numbers.

i just use that and it works if a starting pop occurs.


ive read somewhere that logic doesnt handle zero crossing in arrange (or at least i dont know how to turn it on, because thats what you need, "snap at zero"), thus creating pops and clicks trough diff. regions

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Are you using a noise gate for your 1st insert on the guitar track?


Your start and stop points have to match to sound smooth.


Mostly just using Guitar Rig 3. Some patches I've used have noise gates, some don't.


The problem does seem to lend itself more to electric distorted guitar....

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