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I need some navigation tips from the pros


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I waist 50% of my session time navigating. could you guys please give me some tips how to not get lost and sane using Logic.


Heres some things that could really help me for start.


1)How to make logic center the SPL in the middle of the screen like PT


2)how to make the SPL sart from the same point and come back to it when i stop the play back.


3)How do i make logic arrange page screen not follow the SPL during play back.( I changed the catch thing in global but it still follows the SPL).





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1) Wow- wish I knew this one, as I miss it (along with a dozen or so others)


2) "Play from last..." command. Open Key Commands window, then type play in search field, and the play from last will pop up. Some will add a modifier to the space bar (like, space bar + command) while others, like me, coming from PT, prefer it the other way around: play from last = space bar, add the modifier key to make it play from stopped position, ala toggling the pref in PT.


3) Simple! Toggle the little blue guy in the upper left of the Arrange off (not blue), and it will not budge. If you do any horizontal movement (scroll, or use scroll bar/arrows), the guy goes from blue to grayed out, and auto scroll ceases. Pretty cool! Prolly a key command to toggle, not sure. Would love to know a key command to permanently toggle off if I want; default is that each tme you hit play, the guy goes blue again, scroll begins.

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