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Cutting Audio files is taking a long time ?


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In the middle of a big project with lots of editing and something new is occuring i havent experienced before.


When I use the scissors the to cut audio it can take several seconds or more before im offered the crosstool for positioning..... and then its really clunky to move.


I guessing the computer is struggling to locate / read the file.


All these files are on the main hard drive.


Im running 7.2 on a G5 2.3 Ghz oldskool PPC......


I back up regularly / have plenty of hard disk space available.


I must admit ive never run any de fragging software /tools on this machine - is that the problem ?

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De-fragging is not the answer on OS X. Do run a Disk Utility check up though.


You should check your permission settings for both system and audio drive.


Hm, I see you have your audio on your main drive. It's usually recommended to have your audio on a separate drive. This might help.


If all else fails try running OnyX (free download from www.versiontracker.com ) but always remember to backup beforehand.

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do you have a lot of split audio files in your arrange page?

it could be that the graphics card could be slowing things down.

I used to get the same problems when haveing hundreds of split audio files in the arrange.

If you do have a lot of splits then try gluing blocks of them together and cleaning away any unnecessaries from your project.

hope that helps

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