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Do muted tracks use resources?


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I have large project with some tracks that are muted, but I am hesitant to delete because of the possibility that I may change my mind one day.


I was thinking about making a little retirement community underneath all of the current tracks where all of my muted tracks can go for now. If I just leave them muted, will they use resources or will it be just like they didn't exist. Is there a better way of dealing with this kind of situation?



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the simple answer is NO.

muted tracks doesn't take resources (almost)

they still take some memory but it is not really that much.


you can put them in a Folder in the arrange so that way your arrange page will look more clear and if you need them again you can Unpack the folder or part of it if you want.


or you can use hide track function so you'll see the tracks you need.just click the hide button on the racks you don't want to see.


good luck

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