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Hi, New Logic user here.

Rufuss Sewell

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Hi, I'm very new to Logic and Mac. For the last three years I've owned a local studio in Sacramento called the Boogie Dungeon. I used a Roland 2480 for most of my recording and a PC with cubase for the rare things that couldn't be done on the 2480 like autotune. Anyway, now I have a dual 2.5 G5 and Logic 7.1. I'll be closed for the summer while building a new studio so I'll be taking this time to get my head around Logic. I should be around here a lot bugging you guys for tips and tricks. I have few already.


1. I hate those white waveforms in the arrange window. I'd prefer a dark color for the background with a black waveform but it seems black waveforms are only available with light backgrounds. Is this possible? I think they turn black when automation is on, but I was hoping to keep them black all the time.


2. A big reason I switched to a G5 based system was so that I could easily quantize drums. I know Logic has very powerful editing abilities and I've read an old (2001) Sound on Sound article on how to quantize drums in Logic. Are there any more current tutorials on quantizing audio that deal specifically with 7.1? Also is there better software for the job? I've read about Abelton Live's warp feature. Any others? Or is it best to just stay within Logic for this?


3. Is there a good link page for tutorials? I'm prepared to spend the whole summer mastering this software and I'd like every resource available. I'll be spending most of the time recording two albums for bands that I'm in before I charge the general public.


Thanks a lot!

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Hi Rufuss.


I'm ex-Cubase, too (but already on Mac !)


I should be around here a lot bugging you guys for tips and tricks.


That's the idea !

This is a great forum. David is the Logic guru and may have an answer to the waveform background/foreground issue (I haven't messed with that as it doesn't bug me in the same way)


Audio quantising and groove templating are easy in Logic. There's a whole feast of stuff in the manual. The Global Tracks section has good hints on how to tempo-match audio to the bar/beat clock etc etc (Bit like Beat Detective)


Stick around.



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On the topic of other programs, I am finding I need to go outside Logic less and less since making this a *Logic* studio. It's weird.


I use DSP-Quattro for all sample editing and general audio messing (making loops, temposhifting whole 20min dance sets, etc etc ), and also it is the *container* for my mastering, which we do here for our own releases and also as contractors for other dance labels (blatant plug for our studio services ! !).


Mastering suites here are iZotope's Ozone3 and/or WaveArts Power Suite, depending on the material. We have some ancient outboard but it hardly ever gets switched on - for all I know, the tubes may be shot !


With AudioFinder for sample file management, that's about it.


Don't hesitate to bug David with complex Logic questions or me for studio/drive issues. Everyone in here is, I think, quite evangelical when it comes to Logic.



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