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Sound Monitoring Issues with audio interface and Logic


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Ok, So I have a MBP 2.4, 2G RAM, etc...

In garageband my computer recognizes my TASCAM US-144 and will record, monitor and playback all the audio etc. Meaning, I can play my instruments through the interface, hear them live and record and playback. Everything works.

Now, when I go to Logic, I can't play and hear them at the same time. This means to me that something is off with Logic.

My Core Audio is set to the interface, and will read/record the input. However, I can't hear loops, playback, etc. from Logic while it is set to this. Is this normal or something? I was pretty sure I could monitor the sound and hear other audio from within logic at the same time. Other mac programs produce noise as well, so its a problem within logic.


Thank you


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