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When will the next LP8 be released, and what will it offer ?

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I was just wondering, when do you think the next LP8 update (8.02 or 8.--) is going to be released ? Shortly, within the next couple of month, another six months ? 2009 ? or ... ? Any expectations, or guesses ?


I'm quite used to the Apple Hush-Hush policy of no pre-announcements, but what do current LP8 users think ? Will this happen pretty soon or in the distant future ?


Once the next major update arrives, what do you think, it will offer in terms of enhancements to the current version ? (Audio/ Midi/effects/instruments/64 bit/ ...etc. ) ?


I know this is a bit of a speculative/guess-work type post, but it would be interesting to see how our guesses/expectations compare to reality ? :wink:



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ok, I'll bite-


been using Logic for 2 years now, and love it.


I would say that I would hope that a new update would be coming out in the summertime, but if I had to guess probably the earliest would be fall.


If the next major update doesn't have some kind of elastic audio/beat detective type feature, I would be really surprised.


another feature that I'd hope for is some kind of built in melodyne tuning feature within the track.


I just read the new SOS in which they preview DP 6, and I gotta say It looks nice, and it seems they are really trying to be competitive with Logic.


1. they have adopted and improved the quick swipe comping feature that Logic pioneered


2. they have a few new plugins that look really cool- a convolution reverb that apparently can be tweaked in realtime (unlike lag-fest space designer)- and a LA2A limiter that you can choose from 4 slightly different vintage models.


-anyway when I first bought a DAW it was between Logic and DP,

I'm very happy that I chose Logic, but I'm hoping Logic stays at the fore-front of Technology, and isn't left behind.


have fun,


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It will come out when it's ready. Be patient, or else you'll get a buggy release - and nobody wants that. Personally, I don't want Logic to stay at the forefront of technology. I just want it to be a good tool to vehicle my music. That's all.


Any other unrealistic expectations and you're asking for a buggy software.

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I'd be happy if they just stablized the comp folder situation. It's GREAT for tracking but I'd like to have a bit more flexibility when choosing my takes within the folder. As for Elastic audio it would be cool but as David alluded to it would probably be a bit buggy... or possibly not. We already have the actual editing function of Beat Detective,( The ability to quantize audio regions) we just need a better way to cut those regions up. Besides those 2 things I'm just hoping for a more stable work station and a decent amount of bug fixes. I look at the decent amount of time since the last release as a good thing actually. :D


Have a good one.

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Well, of course, I have no idea what *will* happen, but here's the way I see it.


By moving the price the way they did, Apple have made Logic more affordable and the goal of that must surely be to increase Logic's presence as a preferred platform for DAW work. I'm not saying Apple won't give us cool new plugins and instruments in the future, but the lower price makes it a lot less painful to go to Celemony/Garritan/NI/etc to fill out the package. In fact, for a lot of users Logic itself is only a small component of the overall cost of the soft-studio (let alone the hardware costs!).


It's worth reflecting on what Apple have done with Aperture. Lower the cost, clean up the workflow, bring in the plugins. Sound familiar? I would be surprised if a lot of the development is not all that sexy in terms of new features and really geared towards supporting AU and setting the foundation for 64bit.


Which raises the question about being "cutting edge." Personally, I hope Apple is slow to move Logic to 64 bit. Of course, it's the future, but it will be a huge migration when it happens. I don't expect it inside the 8.x cycle.


The next update will probably be small, incremental and bug-oriented.

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