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Song start always at - - How do I change?


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This is just weird. Somehow even if I move all of my regions out of the - to , and also after setting the Song Start Locator to, playback always starts at (negative) - as if there are still regions there. (there aren't)


NOTE: The automation does start at -, and I have been unable to MOVE the beginning of the automation to 0, however upod deleting ALL the automation of all tracks, song playback still starts at - Very frustrating!


I've tried Cutting Time / Snipping, but I have to be missing something.


What would cause this? Its driving me nuts, and I know its something simple!


See picture 2 at the transport bar. (says -


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Sorry - I should have been more clear.


I only left the cycle mode on to highlight the section.


When Cycle mode is turned off and I hit Return twice to go to the song start. Logic thinks the Song start is at -


The song start Locator is set to, but it plays 8 bars of silence before hitting - really annoying.


(Look at the Transport and also notice cycle mode is off)



See attached, thanks everyone


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When you say Manually changing it what are you referring to? Where can you manually change the -7 to 1? Double Clicking doesn't work



The result (as seen in the second pic I attached above) when moving the Song Start Locator is the same, and the song defaults to -7 to start.


Really freakin annoying and I know its a simple solution -


The second pic highlights the exact issue if you look at the Song start locator, and then the transport location on the transport bar below (-7) when just hitting play. (cycle mode off)

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