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Need help saving 'new' created instrument


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Ok, heres what I did. I was looking for a real specific sound that is on the Motif XS. I created a project with 4 tracks. I opened the environment window and highlighted all 4 tracks. I created a new layer. With the 4 tracks highlighted, I option clicked into my new layer which 'jumped' the 4 tracks into my new layer.


I created a new instrument object on the layer and cabled all 4 tracks to the instrument. I turned port off. Then I drug my instrument object to the arrange window on track 1. I deleted the other 3 tracks from the arrange window. This left me with a VERY close sounding patch to what I was originally after.


Now my question... how do I save the patch so that I can use it later in different projects?


Hope I've made this clear.




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Hi Tom,

What you’ve described so far sounds correct, you’ve created a new instrument which can be considered and used as a single instrument in spite of the fact that it’s composed of 4 separate instruments.

Now to use it in another project you’ll have to copy the environment to the other project or better still to your default template (or Autoload) so that it will always be available. Your best bet is to use the “merge with existing” environment option – I can’t recall the name and am not at Logic at the moment but you seem to be fairly at home in the environment so I’m sure you’ll get there.

Good Luck,


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