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External Hard Drives - eSATA (is it an overkill)

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Hey All


Was just curious how many people use eSATA technology for their external drives. Do you really notice the difference when using Logic and a eSATA drive over a firewire 800? Or would you really only notice the speed when copying large amounts of data? Is paying the extra $$ for eSATA enclosures and a card really worth it?


Also curious how many people use a RAID array as a means of backup.


Peoples thoughts would be great.



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In my opinion, yes.

The transfer rates are fast which smooth things out throughout the day.

The cost doesn't have to be high. I've learned from this forum of a company called Bytec. They make reliable inexpensive express cards.


I didn't pay for my express card. There was a logistical screw up with my MacBook Pro delivery, and as a friendly gesture, the salesman threw it in. Sure glad I have it.


I currently don't use raid.

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cheers everyone for the replies. Went with the external esata setup. Scored a Seagate 750GB SATA drive from frys.com for $129


And for an enclosure,after lots of searching around, found this great little fanless enclosure which has all the firewire compatibilities as well as ESATA. You pay a little extra but all the reviews weighed up.





Thanks everyone for chipping in with their thoughts.

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