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NI's Kompakt/Kontakt automation.

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Ok..thanks to Fader8....I now know how to use automation properly in NI's new Kontakt Player 3 in multi-timbral mode..a tad confusing, but I get it now :)


but..I can't seem to do the same thing in Kompakt! Just like other NI product, the 'host automation parameters show up in Logic, but I sure can't find where to assign them in Kompakt (I'm using Quantum Leap RA for this experiment..


anyone want to point me to the 'hey dummy, click here' button??


thanks :)



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Can you load these programs up in Kontakt?


Does the Kompakt manual shed any light at all?


I have an "Intakt" instrument that has the automation parameters labeled, but the Kontakt Players don't seem to support parameter automation at all. Sorry, no Kompakt instruments here. But I'm reasonably sure you can load the programs in Kontakt.

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so close..yet so far...


Yes..I can navigate to the RA Library folder, and it shows up, but I can only access SOME of the 'patches', particularily if it's only a single sound..None of the keyswitch ones show up...and, a lot of times, not all of it shows up...The Digiredoo, for example...In RA, look at that menu...then, look at what shows up as available within Kontakt 3.





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