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It's Official: Logic 8.2 is Released!


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What more is there to say... check it out!



































































Oh yes, and...























:roll: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Talk about a Pro Tools killer! I mean, Pro Tools users have been asking for rotating regions for years!!! I can foresee a lot of them switching to Logic now. Now Logic can finally live up to its "Pro" moniker.


Based on what I saw I finally understand why people didn't consider Logic quite "Pro" enough. I guess those days are over.


CAVEAT: I was all ready to plonk down my $299 for the upgrade to Logic 8.2 but the Apple Store isn't quite set up yet to take orders... :cry:

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Correct, the only way to buy the Logic UltraPro 8.2 update is through iTunes or your iPhone.


See, this is a perfect example of what I've been saying about Apple's lack of communication. They didn't mention anything about this on apple.com! :evil: Thank goodness we have you, David, and your willingness to share this kind of important information.

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So ... wait a second .... where is the update?


You're missing the point.


You have to order the new 32-core Intel iTouch Mac, go visit the iTunes

Music Store and authorize your machine by entering the simple 128-digit

response code you got by email on your old machine, click the "Download

Logic 8.2" button in the bottom left corner, then just wait for the 40 TB

of program + all-new Jam Packs to come whistling in ...........


I hear they have .exs files for the Columbian nose-flute, now, so the Seattle

dance scene should be undergoing something of a revival ...........




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I hear they have .exs files for the Columbian nose-flute...


Bastards! I had insider information that they were going to ditch the nose-flute and provide a panoply of duduk samples. Damn! Don't know what I'm going to do now... I had this Armenian filmmaker chomping at the bit for me to write his score. Maybe I'll google him and see if I can't get a sense of just how Armenian he really is. Maybe I could get by with shakuhachi...

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