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Convert EXS presets to Channel Strip presets?


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Is there a way to batch- or quickly convert multiple EXS settings (that is, .exs patches) into channel strip settings? Right now I have to load and re-save each patch as a CST file, which is very time-consuming.


I would presume there is a way to bulk convert, since for most factory EXS settings there appears to be a corresponding control strip preset.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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but you can insert an EXS 24 on a channel strip and then access its settings in the Library.


Then click the CS' setting button to access CSS in the library.


Yes... these two functions have drastically improved my workflow experience, and alone make Logic 8 worthwhile for me. i only wish other third-party plugins' patches could automatically show up in the Library the way the EXS's do. Still, being able to save individual CST's is a reasonable, if time-consuming, solution.

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Look up that thread to see if you find your plug-in:




If you don't, and manually convert all the settings, please do participate and upload to the linked thread!


What a great idea! I hope that effort gets its own easy-to-access section.


Just to be technically precise, I assume that these things all show up in the library:


- Channel strip settings

- AU presets

- EXS sounds (like AU presets, but "privileged" to directly access the EXS instrument library)


Does that sound right?

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