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Controlling Autotune with MIDI


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I would contact Antares and ask them.


I don't use AutoTune. Usually that kind of effect is achieved in Logic by using the plug as a software instrument on a software instrument channel strip, which gets the MIDI notes, while the audio to be tuned is sidechained to the plug-in. See if a version of the plug shows up on a software instrument channel strip?

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Insert AutoTune on an Instrument channel.

(It appears under "AU MIDI controlled FX")


Put an empty MIDI region on the channel's track and loop it.


In AutoTune, select as "Sidechain" the track playing your

vocal, or whatever.


In the MIDI region, enter the notes you want AutoTune to tune to.


Set the track playing the audio to "No Output"


The tuned audio is now presented as the output of the Instrument





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