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All Logic Pro 8 Studio Instruments Missing ... E.G Mainstage


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sorry to bother anyone :twisted: , But my logic pro 8 has all the Studio Instuments missing such as mainstage etc. can anyone provide me with a folder containing these plugins if possible.....



If... not what can i do :( :?

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Mainstage is not an AU, it is an Application ... all of Logic's instruments can be found within the Logic Application.


You can get to the Instruments in the Arrange Window via the Inspector (located on the left), it contains a channel strip for the current track you have active in the Arrange ... Click the Insert button (it is blank) and a menu will appear. This menu has a list of all of Logic's Instruments and the bottom of the list, any 3rd party AU you may have installed on your computer.


You can also select a Channel Strip Setting by opening the Library in the main Arrange window (located on the right)...


hope this helps!

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