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newbie wants to sidechain


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I guess you mean overlay/double rather than sidechain.

You have to create a MIDI track with the duplicated kick beats as MIDI events. There is the "Audio to Score" function to extract Notes from an Audio region. Have a look at this: http://logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?p=87732&sid=695e71798566b9ea130ad91c2f1e6494

Maybe there are more threads on this matter.

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the audio to score is a better way yes - then you can use a sampled kicj sound in the exs24 to play everytime your real kick sounds


however if you still want to side chain -


open es1 or 2 on an audio inst track


make a low sounding bass note - usually a sine wave


plat a note at the begining of the song - drag it out to the end of the song


you need to freeze the track so you can still hear the note if you start the sequencer from the middle of the song (after the note was played at the begining)


open a noise gate on the es1 track


at the top select sidechain input to correspond with the audio kick track


adjust the threshold, attack and release times to taste


now the low note on the es1 will only sound when the audio kick hits


-hope this helps!

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