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Logic Pro 8 / FW1884 Channel Problems


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I am almost there. I worked out a bunch of bugs, but I have a weird issue and I am not sure if it is logic related or my DAW conrtroller.


I am primarily a keyboard player...so Stereo recording is priority! I have the Korg OAYSYS....SWEET! Anyway...I am getting horrible results recording a stereo track, like not working! So I have been making 2 tracks and panning Track 1 left and track 2 right.


For some reason, track 2 won't record enable unless I add EQ??? This makes no sense. I am surprised I am having issues like these, I am pretty technical on this stuff and have been recording for years.



My configuration is Mac Pro G5 (Leopard) , Logic Pro 8 w/ Tascam FW-1884

I am beginning to wonder if some of my problems are because of Leopard?


Any advice is appreciated greatly!!

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