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any of you artists out there use CDbaby.com for distribution of your music?

ive known of them for a lonnnnnnnng time, and now that its nearing time to do a digital only release [with some cool physical options coming..] i'd really like to see how people are doing it and how they are doing, as well.







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+1 we've used them for two CDs so far and couldn't be happier. They were one of the first "indies" in line to get artists stuff into iTunes and if I'm not mistaken still have one of the highest returns for an iTunes sale. I think we get 65 cents per .99 download. Great guys and gals.
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It's pricey, but the way around that is to use them for the DIGITAL side of things, where they only take 9%.


From their MP3 page -

An MP3 album is a zip file with a folder containing...


* MP3 files, one per-song, for easy use in any computer, iPod, or MP3 player.

* JPG of the album cover.

* Text file full of info from that album's page: song titles, notes, and links.


The MP3 audio files are very high quality, about 200kbps VBR, encoded using the “LAME” MP3 encoder on its audiophile settings. Your MP3s will play on any hardware.


All your MP3 albums are available for download in your CD Baby account, forever.


The artist sets the selling price, and 91% of the entire price goes directly to the musicians, paid every week. CD Baby only keeps a 9% cut to pay for bandwidth and administration.


There is no DRM or tracking on the MP3 files. We trust you to support independent musicians, and tell your friends to buy a copy, too.


Every album in our Digital Distribution program is available for download on cdbaby.com. Since we are one of the largest distributors of music to Apple iTunes and other great retailers, we don't think of CD Baby as competition - just a “direct factory outlet”.


Why no single song-purchase?

This is not a hit-song store. No corporate filler-tracks. These artists poured their life (and personal bank accounts) into every song on that album, and you're going to love it.

Why no DRM?

DRM is disrespectful. CD Baby customers are the most amazing paying fans of independent music in the world, and should be treated with the highest respect.



THAT'S where they really shine.....and not that many people are using that feature to full advantage....

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Magnatune have a similar thing going on....


thanks GUYS!


i thought this was a dead thread.

im getting closer [mastering starts may 10th] and really wanna do it "right" based on my current means and $$$, ya know?


it sure is a hell of a lot better than it was when i first put something out.


plastering posters ALLLLLLLLLLL OVVVVVVVVVER the city.



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I tried distributing through Cafepress.com ... they focus on merchandise in general, but at the time, I was juuust about to sign up with MP3.com ,and they changed everything. Anyway, how much of a cut does cdbaby take? I remember that it seemed like a good deal to me...
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CDBaby takes a flat fee of $4 per CD sold, regardless of the price you set.


Info here:



Since I've only worked as a sideman, I can't comment directly on how it feels to sell through CDBaby, but various bands I've worked with sell through them, and the reviews are always good. It's not the cheapest, it's true, but the buying experience from them is really good, and you don't have to deal with order fulfillment, which is a big win.

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I use them as well, no complaints here. Great platform for indies. I love that I am on iTunes through them as well. Helps with the $$$. Can't go wrong with them.


thanks so much!!!

as im approaching the finallllllll stretch im gettin ' ready to send them my stuff.


thanks guys!



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