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Logic 8 & Reason

Jon Otis

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you are not doing anything wrong...this is caused by Logic.


I have been using Logic & Reason together since the dawn of time and it has always done this...there is no way to stop it. I have talked to the Propellerheads guys about this and they say there is nothing they can do.


Ableton Live handles this situation correctly and does not change its own tempo when Reason's default song loads in...


so - my advice to you is to jot down your Logic tempo before you fire-up Reason :-)



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just put one tempo change in logic in the tempo line or in the tempo window. I have this in my autoload... something like 100 at measure one and and 150 at measure 500 which i never get to in a song. when you open reason it will say multiple tempos would you like to open tempo window.. just say no and now reason wont change the tempo you set in logic.
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