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Transport bar not working properly + random crashes (LP8)


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the transport bar seems to have a bug here


the informations (timecodes, cpu usage, hd usage... everything that normally moves) are frozen most of the time.


sometimes it gets back to normal. then frozen again.


i don't get it


using LP 8.0.1, leopard, on a macbook


also, Logic crashes quite often when i'm trying to bounce something. in fact, the default recording dir often disappear, i have to re-set it before bouncing if i want to be sure it doesn't crash.


and when i try to record some audio, it says it cannot find the recording directory, so i have to set it again, and while i'm in the finder selecting it, it oftens crashes...


and sometimes while i get the spinning beach ball, i'm stuck and logic crashes without saving a "(crash)" version...


quite annoying...


any help ?



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Hey man.


I have a transport issue in 8.0.1 where it I save a session with the transport hidden it is frozen untill I unhide it and double click on he CPU usage meter. The worst part of this is when the transport is frozen the tempo can be set improperly so the deleys that are locked to tempo fire wrong.


In all cases double clicking on the CPU meter solves this.


Hope that helps.




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