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korg padkontrol


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I never tried to do this before but this is actually easy to do as long as you do not expect them to chase tempo changes.


Let us say that you have 3 drum loops that you wish to use, all at the same tempo. (If not, you must convert them to the same tempo by time stretching them, bouncing them, etc.) You have 3 pads on your PadKontrol that you wish to trigger them from.


1. You must know which MIDI note each pad transmits by hitting it and looking in Logic's transport or checking your manual. Let's pretend they are assigned to C3, D3, and E3.

2. Open the EXS24 and click Edit to open a new blank instrument.

3. Drag the first loop in and in the editor assign it to key C3 and assign its highest and lowest note to C3.

4. Check the Loop On checkbox.

5. Do the same process for the other two to D3 and E3.

6. Save the EXS24 instrument.


You are there.

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