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JBL LSR4326P Moniters...

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does bigger mean better (in speakers) what is the difference sound wise...i want a set of monitors that would be versatile for all kinds up rooms..


Bigger typically means lower. Just think of the extreme - tweeters vs. subs. It just typically means a lower fHz response, which from a monitor means that in theory you'll get more accuracy from the low end.


Choosing monitor size should take room size into account. If your working in a lunch box, 6" will suffice, and from what I understand is often preferable to larger a monitor. If you've got a larger room then go 8". Most people I know use 8" monitors, but they all have fairly large studios.


My room is 5mx5m, a large enough (but unfortunately shaped) room to justify the use of 8" monitors so I bought the 4328's.

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I love my monitors, but they are the first pair of

monitors I've owned, and I haven't had much of

a chance to listen to them in different environments.


I was also looking at the Adams A7's, which

had good props, and the Dynaudio's

(forgotten what model - the cheapest of the bunch).

I chose the JBL's because I couldn't yet afford to

properly treat my studio and from that stand point

they made sense.


I have since listened to different sets of monitors in

different environments and better understand how

mine sound.


Unfortunately you still need to know how to mix,

no matter what monitors you have :(

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