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Copyright question concerning lyrics

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I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but is it okay to use names of trademarked entities in lyrics without any kind of infringement? For example, say I had a line that says (and this is super generic):


'I like to drink Pepsi Cola, and Diet Coke tastes great, too'


Anybody know for sure? I'd love to download a few pdf's from the copyright office site and thumb through all the legal verbiage for hours on end until I might come across a vague answer, but umm... that's not gonna happen.

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I can't send you a link to set your mind at ease 100%, but here's what I remember from when I used to study this stuff.


Titles are fair game. That's why it's alright for you to see so many songs with the same names. They are not protected.


It is completely ok for you to use a trademarked term in your work. The trademark only exists to prevent other people from using the mark in the same industry. It's a different beast than copyright.


Defmmatory isn't a problem either. Pepsi has no grounds (in the US) to sue you over your fictional song "Wow, Pepsi Sure Tastes Like Ass."


That's track 83 on my next album "I'm A Coke Man - And I Don't Mean The Drink".

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