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need advice about switching audio/control hardware

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I have new iMac,Logic studio,osx 10.5.2... I use a Motu 828mk2,a behringer ddx3216 digital mixer with an adat card..also a Behringer ada8000 mic pre adat unit.I also have a UC33e that Im trying to use as a control surface with not much luck and when it does work it does so poorly.Im considering selling the ddx3216,the 828 and the uc33 and getting a M-Audio Project Mix to replace them.I might even come out ahead money wise as can get one new for about 999$.I know I lose the live mixing ability of the ddx3216but I dont really do that and have a small analog mixer and can get bigger ones cheap or rent.With the Project Mix and the ada8000 I get 16 channels of pres and my rig is much more portable.What do you think of the sound qualty of the Project Mix vs the 828mk2 ?I can do the Black Lion mod on the Project Mix in the future or now if I get enough $ selling the other stuff.Id love to have good control over Logic and the ProTools M power option is another bonus.Any thoughts or suggestions? thanks in advance... zen
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