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Mce Optibay

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I recently bought a new 17" hi res 2.6 Penryn MBP from these guys with a few upgrades. I got: 4 gigs RAM, 320 gig system drive and a 250 gig optibay drive. I had always wished for a way to have enough room in a laptop to put all of my samples, softsynths, etc. without using an external drive. The two drives are 5400 rpm but I have not had any problems with speed yet. I have installed Logic Pro Studio including all the samples, the entire Komplete 5 package, and Spectrasonics Stylus RMX with about 15 gigs of samples. I have also put a bunch of TV shows into iTunes. With all of this data, I still have about 150 gigs available on each drive. I did buy a FW800 200 gig external drive for tracking in case I run into speed problems down the road.


This is my first Mac since 1991. Combined with the Apogee Duet, this makes for an extremely powerful and wonderfully useable music production machine.

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