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BCF 2000 starts on channel 9?

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I've got a BCF 2000 that is working fine on most projects. It is running in Mackie Control Mode.


I use LC XMU for monitoring channel activity sometimes. But sometimes I don't.


The BCR has always just sort of worked without much hassle in Logic 8.


Today, I am trying to build a project from the ground up. When I start with an empty project, the BCF picks up on channel 9, and I can find no way to toggle to the first bank of 1-8 channels.


I pull up a previous project, and the BCF works fine, easily navigating by banks of 8 channels through the mixer.


The settings look the same to me.


Is there anything obvious I might be doing wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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Well, I'll be interested to see what happens. I have a Remote 37SL but I have no idea how it works/plays with another controller in the system. You know how the tracks in the Arrange have a color strip running down the side that indicates they are being actively controlled by a certain device? Do you have a 2nd color strip for the BCF also?


BTW, what do you think of the BCF? I am loathe to mention the B-word here in the hallowed halls of Logic, but jeez, motorized faders at that price point would be pretty darn cool.

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Logic 8 does show 2 color strips running down the left side. I am new to Logic and did not realize that meant a controller was active.


The BCF has been great for me, I stumbled across the complaints on the forum here before I posted. But most of that seemed to be in Logic 6/7.


It's worked like a champ for me in Cubase and Live, and until recently worked fine in Logic 8. You really can't beat it for the money. Yeah, Behringer stuff is not of the highest quality. No one is disputing that. But it's worked well for me. I love the BCR.


Still not sure what is up with this thing. I'll hold off on reporting until I've had more time to test.

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