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fix imac g3 drive?

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I just joined the group.


last year my imac g3 gave up. the drive won't even load basic software to boot up. all i get is a vdu icon with a flashing question mark (?). none of the key command on boot up that my friends recommended do anything.


does anyone know of a reputable and experienced mac doctor in the new york city or long island area that could help?


a few months ago i got a new dual core os10 mac and logic pro - and i'm coming to grips with it ... had to start all my music and sounds from scratch.


I sorely miss INFINITY looping software ... but found out Antares will not be upgrading it to os10.


I got Redmatica's compendium bundle 3 weeks ago and am working my way through the manual and picking up speed using that. anyone else using that software? it seems too logic-centric to me. i'd love to just be able to loop sounds and export those individually. also it would be great to have crossfade curves infinitely variable between equal power and linear.


allfor now.





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