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Terrible crackling sound


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Hi everybody and sorry if this question has been asked a million times - I haven't been able to find answers searching for it (or maybe the answers were to hard to decipher for my utter stupidity).


I have been using logic pro 8 for a while now and never had problems so far - I am using a MPB santa rosa with tiger, an m-audio midi controller and a Boss GS-10.


Today as I started to work on a new track, I started to experience an annoying crackling/static sound each time I used any software instruments. I tried disconnecting the GS-10 (a multi effect guitar sound board with a sound card) and using the MBP's own soundcard - same s#!+ happened.


So I loaded up a different project, played it back and started to hear the same crackling noise.


I ran Garage Band, to check if it was a logic pro only problem - same goddamn crackling sound.


I eventually started to repeatedly hit the wall with my head.


I haven't changed any settings since last time, of course and have no idea what to do, so if anyone could be so nice as to help me out, or take the time to paste me a link of a related thread and tell me "there's already a thread about that, you scum of the earth noob!" - I would be ever so thankfull.


And I'd buy you lunch next time you are in Oslo, or something.

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I'm getting the same thing. It seems to be involved with the last Software Update for 10.4.11, which has some AirPort upgrade that hosed audio for a lot of people. The temporary solution is apparantly to turn off AirPort while you are using Logic. There are instructions on the web to rollback this update - I've been too busy at work to do at this point....


Its really annoying....

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