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Saving Your Synth Favorites


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I'm interested in how other people save their favorite sounds for quick and easy access.


I've been critical of Reason on this forum, BUT Reason has an excellent feature that Logic doesn't - a favorites list. You just browse through the patches and when you like something you can easily add it to a list. This is great because, as others have noted, the library has become so massive that it's easy to get lost in it.


I've attempted to recreate this feature in Logic by adding a "Favorites" folder in `/Library/Application Support/Logic/Channel Strip Settings/Instruments. That folder has subfolders for leads, drums, and whatever else I feel like. When I'm browsing through Audio Instruments I can save a channel strip setting to that folder. Not quite as simple as Reason's way, but the basic idea is there.


Have others tried something like this? Can you offer an improvement on this method or simply state how you've been doing this, if at all?[/i]

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