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Which Active PA Speakers

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Planning to run Logic live for drums and keys, with live bass and gtr.


Totally baffled by which active PA speakers to buy after blowing a pair of Mackie SR1530z's on the first outing.


Looking for 500 watt either side of quality to punch out the quality Logic produces.


Does anyone have any views/advice on this.


I hear the Mackie SR range is fraught with problems, hence the SA range.

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What size rooms and what size audiences? Mackies problem 'might' be poor quality control from overseas factories.


I would have recommend Mackies had it not been for your bad experience.


I will recommend EAW NT59 boxes. On a good day i use a pair of these as monitors, and ive also seen them as FOH cabinets, but with separate subs...how much PA do you want/need...comes back the first questions really.


RCF have made some ok powered speakers in the past. Dont know anything about the current line.


Of course avoid Behringer/Alto/Phonic/Tapco


best of luck


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Thanks fadercraig


Only 500 a side for like local gigs doing covers.


Got drums and synths via logic and gonna do live gtr and bass via a Motu interface, so just looking for actives.


Had Mackie SR1530z's and they blew, which was not good.


Heard Mackie SA1521z's are an upgrade and very good.


Anyone know?

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