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Recording vocals by myself


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When recording vocals by myself, I'd like to record in cycle mode, but only a few lines or even one line at a time using, let's say, exactly 10 takes each ( From which I'll later Comp). What's the best way to do this?

The problem I'm having so far is this:

1) I record the takes for the first line, (although I don't know how to set the ammount of takes)

2) Now for the second line, I set the cycle points around the next line, but I'm only going to hear a count in the first time, not the subsequent takes, which makes it impossible to do if the second line is close to the previous line.


I've tried to use a combination of auto punch and cycle but it does not create new takes while cycling

My best solution so far is to record the second line once, then record OVER it in that Cycle/punch-in mode (replace button not selected) and then it does record takes. However the first time around the cycle, all audio cuts out for the first few seconds. All other takes are ok. So basically the first two takes are sacrificial lambs so to speak.


There has to be a better way!


One more idea I had was to set up two tracks, and switch tracks every other line, but this also seems like a pain, and defeats the whole purpose of the comp swiping.



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Honestly I use the 2 track method and I feel it works REALLY well. I sing a line about 4 times or whatever and then I simply switch to the next track and record my next line. With the first track still playing I can hear what I previously sang so it makes it real easy to know where I am at all times. It may seem like a pain but once you start doing this it is pretty simple. As I go along I move what I just recorded on the second track on to the first track so that I have all my takes on one track. Then I comp from there. You'll essentially still have the one track to comp but you won't have any punch in issues or lines too close issues. It's pretty cool.


Hope this helps


Have a good one. :D

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