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system overload


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I keep getting the following error message in Logic Pro 8 after a crash.


System overload - The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time (-10011)


For info, I have a brand new (two months old) Macboook Pro with 4 Gb Ram and the very latest processor and leopard operating system.


Surely this cannot be normal.

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Yip, everyone gets the overloads for one reason or another.


Things like audio recording, effects, and other things that cause the CPU and hard drive to work faster that they are capable. Freezing is one method that helps.


Plug ins like guitar amp pro, and Space Design, and others start to tax the CPU. It isn't a thing to worry about and the more experience you get, the easier you will be able to work around/avoid this problem.

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This has been a really hot topic here and especially on the Apple forum. If you want a lot of info, check out these threads.







My personal opinion is that it doesn't have to do with someone's machine per se, but with Leopard and Logic specifically. They don't seem to get along nearly as well as Logic and Tiger. That's why a lot of people with brand new fast machines are complaining and other's with older slower machines are having good performance.




A couple of tips to get you started:


Turn off your Airport card and other programs. Lots of people have been complaining about poor performance with Airport on after the last Airport Extreme card update.



Go to Core Audio in your Devices tab of your Audio preferences, and try playing your projects with AND without the I/O Safety Buffer. One might do better for you. Some have had good results with it checked, but for me personally it kills my performance.



In that same window try to set your Process Buffer Range to LARGE.


Download a program called Nicer.


It allows you to set priority processing power to certain apps. Open Logic, then open Nicer, select Logic, and set the slider to HIGH. Some report no difference in performance, but some swear by this method.



Good Luck!

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