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how do you stop the defalt song auto loading in LP8


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hey, just got my new mac pro and logic studio yesterday, is there a way to bypass the loading od the default song (the one with the set of about 12 different instruments pre loaded) and go straight to the template screen?




Hi Sonic,


Congrats on your purchased. Here is how u can disable the default song.


Logic Pro>Preferences> Global.


Click on Project handling.

Click on the startup action pop up menu and choose from the selections menu items. Select Do nothing and it will not load any templates each time u start Logic.


U can customize your own template and have it launch every time u start Logic.




David Gary

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You know, if I remember correctly, if you opened up Logic Express 7 with the option key held down, it would open with no song (now called a project) at all. This is not the case with Logic Pro 8. Does anybody know of a key command trick to do this now? - Emile
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