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Recording to a partitioned external drive

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I want to bite the bullet and go eSata as an external solution for recording and storing samples as my WD My Book Studio ed. is noisy as hell, runs off FW800 (which is ok, not great, plus the drive spins down constantly - something that can't be disabled) and I have about a megabyte left on my internal hd of my MBP.


However, and this must be a common problem for those of you recording to a separate drive, I want to stay mobile as I travel a lot and ideally don't want to carry around two hard drives (one for recording to, the other for my samples and instrument banks etc.) plus all the bulky power cables.


So, I'm thinking about recording to a partitioned drive - one partition for live recordings, the other for my samples. Is this a good idea or downright stoopid? I guess the latter considering I got told here that recording fragments the help out of a drive therefore making it unstable...


Is there a particular brand I should be looking at as well for eSATA? I'm just wary after having the spin-down issues with my WD...



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