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Echo Digital I/O...and other newbie ?'s

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Hello All,


I'm happy to say that Logic Express 8 is on its way and I can't wait to open up the box. I also order David book to help me along the way, because I have never really intuitively used a DAW. I have a couple of questions but first off. I'm in the process of moving and when I reach my final destination, I plan on buying a Mac Pro or iMac with either a Apogee Duet or MOTU ultralite. Right now, I wanted to use Logic to help make a Multitrack mix using my Turntables, Computer, Laptop and midi keyboard. The only problem is that I only have one computer at the moment. I have a Powerbook G4 with 2 gigs of ram 1.67 processing speed. So what I wanted to know:


How is the Echo Digital I/O Cardbus? (If anyone has any experience with them)

Is there something else that is in the price range but better?

I need to use my computer to run Serato (DJ Software) as well as record in Logic...is this to much for my computer to handle?


Thanks so much for the help.

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