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Offline Bouncing Phasing Issue?

the sinner

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I was in a rush and just brought a bunch of stems to my music editor, he said they were all out of phase.


I used nothing but a logic channel strip on the master output, and off line bouncing.

The exs24 samples were definitely not recorded out of phase. Has anyone heard of anything about this?

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Assuming you didn't stick a phase reverse in a plug in on your output.......


If you put them back into your system do they sound out of phase?


Maybe you could drag an apple loop into a channel and bounce it ti see if the problem still exists.


Are they totally out of phase (if you mono them you should hear next to nothing) or just "phasey" which might mean too much wide reverb or other effect?

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LIke they were out of phase within the stem (from L to R) or they phased when played back together?


If they are out within the stem, just flip one side...


Different plugin latencies on different tracks may cause different amounts of time shift on discrete (not done at the same time) bounces...


If this is the problem, just add something into your session (on all tracks, or at least so it prints to all stems) with a sharp transient, either before or after the session itself. Zoom in and time align the stems using this transient as a reference. Like the clapper board in movies, kinda...


Hope that helps.

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