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Inconsistent copying of patterns in Ultrabeat?


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I present my frustrating Ultrabeat question to the Logic gods - please help!


I'm running OSX 10.4.11 and Logic Pro 8.0.1. I have encountered a problem in Ultrabeat copying a pattern from a channel/lane in one sequence to another.


I have a pattern on channel 8 in a multiout Ultrabeat. The channel is routed to a mono aux channel. I want to copy this pattern in sequence 6 (F-1) to sequence 7 (F#-1).


I control-click on the lane I want to copy. I select copy. I then change the sequence using the drop down menu in the lower left hand corner and change to sequence 7. I click on the same lane as the previous sequence (channel 8). I control-click the lane, and select paste.


Instead of copying the pattern, it erases the pattern in the lane, and deletes the "sq" next to the mute/solo buttons at the left.


I tried opening a clean project using the same saved Ultrabeat pattern and it didn't work. If I use a stock kit, it will work. So strange. The lane in question does use an imported EXS sample, which I have saved to the kit when I save the project.


Any ideas? Couldn't find any help in a search of this forum (yet).


Thanks in advance for your help!



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