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Hello everyone! Newbie here :)

Paolo Lazer

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Hi all!

I purchased last week my brand new copy of Logic Express 8, and while reading the documentation (it's huuuuuge!!!) I'm trying to port one of my old Cakewalk Sonar projects in Logic.

I have a problem I couldn't manage to solve: in Cakewalk I used Kontakt for the drum tracks, starting from a midi score, and what I did was to record one instrument at a time, soloing it in the plugin interface. So first I record the snare, then the kick and so on; this gave to me the ability to treat every resulting wave file with different effects.

Now: I'm using EXS24 to do the same job in Logic, and using the "Demix" function I isolated every drum part in a different track. What I want to do is to assign different effects to different tracks (compressor and reverb on snares, compressor on kick, etc...), but all the resulting tracks seems to be tied one to the other. Is it possible to do this?

Thanks to everyone!


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Are you using the EXS24 Multichannel? It's right below the EXS24 when you select it. I wonder if Logic Express has it. In any case, if you do have it then you can assign the outputs to different buses and apply plugins separately.

Uhmmm.... I have 3 choices under the EXS24 menu entry: Mono, stereo or multi output (5xStereo 6xMono)... is this last entry what I'm looking for?


I read in the manual:

The Routing parameter determines the outputs used by the zone. Choices include the

main outputs, and paired channels 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 10, or individual

outputs 11 through to 16. This allows individual zones to be routed independently to

aux channels in a multi-output EXS24 mkII instance.


Great! It seems to perfectly fit! Now I just have to understand how aux channels work! :D


Thanks a lot, man! :)

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