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macbookpro performance with logic 8

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Hello everyone

I have been using logic for a year, first on pc and now on a 2.33 Gh 2 GB Ram macbook pro.

I thought now that I have a decent setup I would be releived of the disk too slow, system overload error messages, but no.

The error message doesn't come on too often, mostly when I start playing the song, however the CPU usage indicator in the transport jumps to the red along the song and I don't know if the problem is RAM, should I add another GB, or is it something in the system.


The second problem I am having is synchronization within LP8. Especially when Sculpture is on, but even when not, while playing or recording Midi events the sound will be sputtering. I notice that synth orchestral instruments contribute to this.


It is imporatnt to note probably, that I have the song saved with its assets on a WD Studio book external HD connected via Firewire 800. 3rd question I guess :)

Is it better to have your song saved on the internal or external HD. When the "Copy Ultrabeat samples and audio files to project folder" are checked does the program read them from the initial system folder or the project folder?

I have a 100 GB 54rpm internal HD, which has 8 GB free space on it.


I would be very thankful if someone could guide me though this, a lot of creativity is coming out and I feel somewhat incapacitated by this.

thank you.

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I have a brand new 2.4 Ghz , 4 Mb of ram and I get the system overload messages as well.


I'm told that the key is to convert your virtual instruments and sequenced tracks to audio files when you are happy with the chosen sample/sound and all other factors like velocity, modulation, etc.


This vastly reduces CPU usage.

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You're killing your HD with only 8 gigs free left. A good measure is 20% free so in your case it'll be 20 gigs. Always save your projects on external HD. Remember that when you're mixing you can increase the I/O buffers size in the Logic Audio Preferences to take some load off the cpu.
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